Research Misconduct Policies of Social Science Journals and Impact Factor

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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There is a proper way to deal with journalists that commit misconducts in their research publications in social sciences journals. Policies and procedures have been put into place to assist in the proper handling of researchers when they behave unethically. Editors must protect the integrity of the journals and the research, when allegations of research misconduct arise. This can pose a difficult task. Journals have had to rethink how to deal with such allegations and misconduct. “Editors must also think about the potential legal liability if the innocent scientist's reputation has become damaged” (Resnik, Patrone, & Peddada, 2010). Scientists need to remain credible and reputable, so accusations of unethical misconduct involved in their research can cause an uproar. The Committee on Publication Ethics, also know as COPE, issues an agreement that stated journals must develop misconduct policies, in 1999, and in 2006, issued standard procedures for handling with the misconduct in scientific journals. It is not yet a requirement, but a guidance of how situations should be handled when misconduct is brought to the attention of the editors of the publications.

Research was done regarding the number of scientific journals had, in place, a policy detailing the use and reporting of unethical research practices. According to the article, “A misconduct policy is defined as statements about the definition of misconduct or procedures for responding to misconduct” (Resnik, Patrone, & Peddada, 2010). For example, the policy described “how to report allegations of misconduct” (Resnik, Patrone, & Peddada, 2010), and “how to correct the scientific literature in response to misconduct” (Resnik, Patrone, & Peddada, 2010). The definitions of misconduct would not be limited to the U.S. Federal government's definition of misconduct: fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism. Other types of misconduct must be recognized as well, such as animal abuse or misuse of human...
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