Research Methods Psy 270

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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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Research Methods

Research Methods
Research Method| Advantages| Disadvantages|
Case Study| * The case Study can provide a very accurate record of treatment that is put together in a way that is easily understood and studied by others (Comer, 2005). * Case Studies offer the opportunity for the researcher to promote new ideas to their colleagues through collaboration (Comer, 2005). * Researchers are able to accurately provide evidence of a theory through the use of the Case Study (Comer, 2005). * The Clinician can use the case studies to challenge other theories that their research and Case Study does not support (Comer, 2005). * For newer techniques, the Case Study can benefit other researchers by providing value to new techniques that they or the researcher are working on (Comer, 2005). * The Case Study can also offer the researcher the opportunity to study a very unique or unusual problem that doesn’t happen very frequently (Comer, 2005).| * Results are often biased to the observer and are in favor of the researchers point of view (Comer, 2005). * The Case Study only shows what the researcher wants the reader to see, so the evidence is often considered very subjective (Comer, 2005). * Case Studies offer a very narrow focus and not able to apply to a wide variety of situations(Comer, 2005). The Case Study provides a detailed view of one individual, treatments, responses, and progress, but does not allow for a broader application, as the information is very specific instead of broad (Comer, 2005).| Correlational Method| * The Correlational Method can be used in a broader and more general scope, in that it can be applied to a larger population than the group that was studied (Comer, 2005). * Researchers are able to repeat the correlation on other groups of people to check the validity (Comer, 2005). * The Correlational Method can potentially predict occurrences of a given disorder with in...
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