Research Methods Matrix

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Research Methods Matrix

A psychologist is planning to conduct a study that would examine pathological liars and the quality of their romantic relationships. You have been asked to provide the psychologist with a recommendation for which research method should be used to gather data on the pathological liars and their spouses.

Using the table below list each research method and its advantages and disadvantages for use in this study.

|Research Method |Advantages |Disadvantages | |Naturalistic Observation |This method gives good information that is |The person observing could change the | | |more so accurate than reports done |behavior of the participant, and observer | | |afterwards. The behaviors of the |could also have a biased view depending | | |participants are more natural because they |upon what the expectations were coming in | | |are in their natural environment. |to research. | |Case Studies |Good for forming hypotheses, and gives a |This was can be expensive as well as time | | |large amount of useful, descriptive |consuming. Again, the biased observed is | | |information. |an issue. | |Surveys |A cheap way to quickly gather a large |If a question is worded poorly on the | | |quantity of data. |survey, it can yield the type of answers | |...
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