Research Methods in Nursing and Social Work: Critical Appraisal Paper.

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Research methods in Nursing and Social Work: Critical appraisal paper. The aim of this assignment is to look at two written research papers and carry out a critical assessment on them. I will present the assignment in two parts, Appendix 1 which is the first research paper called, “What professionals think about offenders with learning disabilities in the criminal justice system”. This article conducts a research and its aim is to find out whether people with learning disabilities are being treated differently with the justice system, it focuses on the ideas of different professionals that work in the system and their view on the subject matter. Appendix 2 which is the second paper is called, “The prevalence of intellectual disability in a major UK prison”. This paper the first steps to undertake when critiquing a research paper is, to explain the piece by summarising its main aims and outcomes that have been gained through the research. “One of the first tasks of critiquing a research article is to try to explain the performance and tasks that have taken place. Critiquing research involves a careful examination of all aspects of a study in order to judge its strengths, limitations, meaning and significance” (Hek, 1996). Appendix 1:

The study was structured in a interview in order to collect the data. The Participants that were used all came from different professional background this meant that there was a good multidisciplinary team of respondents. Title:

The title was very clear and to the point, it successfully reflects the purpose of the study and its findings. Abstract/Summary:
This was written in a clear manner, which was very easy to understand and therefore was not complicated. The purpose, method and findings were comprehensibly outlined in a brief summary. Materials:

The interview was Semi-structured, the advantages of using this method were that, the audience is specifically targeted it is also the best way to capture how a...
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