Research Methods

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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|COURSE CODE |Eng |COURSE LEVEL & YEAR |1st year level | |COURSE TITLE |Research Methods | |COURSE TEACHER/S | | |CREDIT HOURS |2 | |PRE-REQUISITES | | |CO-REQUISITES |None | |DURATION OF COURSE |16-week semester | |TOTAL STUDENT STUDY TIME |2 hours per each contact hour weekly | |AIMS | | |Subject-specific skills (Knowledge Skills): | | | | | |Students are expected to develop their knowledge base about: their discipline (linguistics); sources of knowledge in the discipline; knowledge| |in data bases; the nature and objectives of research. All this can be achieved through students' preparation and instructor's explanation of | |key concepts and discussion | | | |Core Academic skills (Cognitive Skills): | | | | | |Application of concepts individually and collaboratively: students are expected to advance their skills in: reading chunks of information in | |the field and distinguishing the purposes of research pieces from both their content and format; distinguishing between facts, | |reports of fact, and opinion; identify the basic parts of a research piece; and write according to the conventions of research writing in the | |field, making interpretations of findings and results in a piece of research | |interpersonal and Key skills: | |Working in groups; class discussion; interaction via email | |INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOMES | | | | |Specify briefly ILOs in relation to the three aim clusters as in the above box....
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