Research Methodology for Mobile Phone Ads.

Topics: Mobile phone, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 28 (8594 words) Published: January 4, 2010
Research Methodology For Mobile Phone Ads.


2.Secondary data.

3.Problem definition.
Management decision problem.
Marketing research problem.

4.Approach to the problem.
Theoretical framework.
Analytical model.
Research questions.

5.Descriptive research design.

6.Sample of the questionnaire.




The advent of the Internet has made dramatic changes in every aspect of our lives. It profoundly changes how to communicate with people as well as how to buy products and how to use spare time. Surely, marketing communication strategies of corporations kept up with these changes in building corporations’ websites, creating online shopping malls, providing online consumer services, and conducting various types of Internet ads such as banner ads. The Wireless is more rapidly diversifying consumers and increasing contact points between consumers and companies. Many corporations already secured that their Internet service is working properly with consumer’s mobile device. Wireless communication creates endless opportunities for advertisers, including reaching target specific consumers and location-based promotions. The newly emerging marketing communications phenomenon, advertising via Short Messaging Service (SMS), has the potential to reach millions of consumers by wireless devices anytime, anyplace. The rapid growth of this marketing concept in Europe, Asia and U.S.A encourage the Egyptian wireless industry to adapt it for the Egyptian consumer. This study explores the relationships between attitudes toward the mobile phone medium and mobile phone ads and the behaviour of the respondents in relation to their propensity to accept and use mobile phone ads. At the end we want to know if Egyptian consumers affected in their purchasing patterns by mobile phone ads or not?

Literature Review:

Wireless Advertising is one of the newest ways advertisers/marketers have found to reach consumers in a new and compelling way. With the boom of Internet advertising beginning to level out, advertisers discovered a new technology that consumers are beginning to welcome with open arms. It has been estimated that there will be half a billion mobile phones in the U.S. by 2003 (King, 2000). There are currently about 4.4 million wireless Web and messaging subscribers in the U.S. as of August 2001, but the expected growth by 2005 is 71.1 million (Kotch, 2001). If the rapid growth of the mobile phone is any indication as to what is to come, the entire wireless market is looking at a bright future. But nobody knows if wireless advertising will grow to be a viable industry. There is a great chance that a large percentage of the population will someday get some kind of advertising-supported content on a wireless device of some kind. But right now the industry is at a sensitive point and it has to prove that consumers will accept advertising on personal digital assistants (PDA), cell phones, and others. Even though it is important to present market predictions for wireless advertising, one of the most important questions that should be asked right now is whether or not consumer will be willing to receive advertising on their wireless devices such as cell phone.

Mobile Advertising
The forms of new media advertising mentioned so far are primarily designed to be used with the Internet. A different form of new media communication is intended to take advantage of the on-the-go nature of modern consumers and is referred to as mobile advertising (Senn, 2000; Stafford, 2005). This technology uses wireless communication to reach consumer via cell phones, pages, and personal digital assistants. In some counties such as Japan and Finland, these devices have already become important forms of new media...
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