Research Methodology

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 115 (18037 words) Published: March 17, 2013

External Marks : 70
Time : 3 hrs.

Internal Marks : 30

Introduction; meaning and nature of research; significance of research in business decision making, identification and formulation of research problem, setting objectives and formulation of hypotheses.

Research design and data collection; research designs - exploratory, descriptive, diagnostic and experimental data collection; universe, survey population, sampling and sampling designs, data collection tools-schedule, questionnaire, interview and observation, use of SPSS.

Scaling techniques; need for scaling, problems of scaling, reliability and validity of scales, scale construction techniques-arbitrary approach, consensus scale approach (Thurston), item analysis approach (Likert) and cumulative scales (Gut man’s Scalogram).

Interpretation and report writing; introduction, meaning of interpretation, techniques and precautions in interpretation and generalisation report writing - purpose, steps and format of research report and final presentation of the research report.


MBA 3rd Semester (DDE)


Define Research. Also explain its nature, objectives and Types.

Ans. Introduction : Research is an art of scientific investigation. Research covers the search for and retrieval of information for a specific purpose. Research has many categories, from medical research to literary research. Basically research is a search for truth with the help of some study, observation, comparison and experiments. It is search for knowledge with the help of objective and systematic method of finding solution to a problem.

Meaning of Research : Research in common man's language refers to "search for knowledge".
Research is simply the process of finding solution to a problem after a complete study and analysis of the situational factors.
Research is purposeful investigation. It provides a structure for decision making. It provides an analytical framework for the subject matter of investigation. It establishes the relationship between different variables, especially the relationship of the dependent variables with the valuable independent variables. In short, the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to a problem is research. Research is required because of the following reasons:

To identify and find solutions to the problems
To help making decisions
To develop new concepts
To find alternate strategies

To identify and find solutions to the problems : Research is required to understand the problem in depth. For Example:
Why is that demand for a product is falling?
Why is there a business fluctuation once in three years?
By identify the problem as above; it is easy to collect the relevant data to solve the problem.


To help making decisions : Research is helpful for making the decision. For example: Should we maintain the advertising budget same as last year? Research will answer this question.


To find alternative strategies : Research is helpful to find alternative strategies. For example: Should we follow pull strategy or push strategy to promote the product.


To develop new concepts.

Definition of Research:
According to P.M. Cook
"Research is an honest, exhaustive, intelligent searching for facts and their meanings for implications with reference to given problem. It is the process of arriving at dependable solutions to problems through the planned and systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data. The best search is that which is reliable, verifiable and exhaustive so that it provides information in which we have confidence".

Characteristics of Research :– The characteristics of research are as follows: 1.

Systematic Approach :– Each step must on your investigation be...
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