Research Methodology

Topics: Learning, High school, Education Pages: 4 (966 words) Published: March 13, 2013
This chapter presents the methodology that will be use in the conduct of this study and will include the discussion of research design, samplings,respondents, data gathering and statistical instrument used.  A. The Research Design

The study will use the descriptive survey design in its attempt todetermine, describe and analyze relationships between time management,learning skills, and study skills and the dependent variable which is the academic performances in Mathematics. It tries to find out if the independent variables significantlyinfluence the dependent variable. B. Samplings and Respondents

Education Students who are enrolled during the recent school year atXavier University which is comprised 5 percent of the total population will thesample size of the study. The sample population is 286 taken the total fromthe 1000 Education students of Xavier University. The names of thestudents of the total population will be arranged alphabetically andaccording to year levels. Simple stratified random method, proportionate tosize will be done based on the random numbers generated by Minitab or Excel. Names will then be picked up and these will be included in thesample population. C. Research Settings

The study will be conducted inside the Victorious Christian School. D. Data Gathering
The researchers will ask permission from the dean of school of education to allow the education student to answer the questionnaire. Theanswering of the questionnaire will be done in the Learning Research Centre(LRC). Answered questionnaires then, will be gather, responses coded andwill be subject to the appropriate statistical computation for reliability. Thesestudents name will then be deleted from the list of the total population so asnot to include them again in the selection of the sample population.  E. Instruments Use

Self- developed questionnaire composed of 10 items questions will beuse to measure Study Habits of Education Students...
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