Research Methodology

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Table of Contents
Structure of the Research Methodology2
Research Design and Strategy3
1.Research Philosophy3
2.Research Approaches4
3.Research Strategies4
4.Time Horizon5
5.Literature Review5
6.Data Collection Methods5
a.Investigator Triangulation7
b.Data Triangulation7
c.Theoretical Triangulation7
d.Methodological Triangulation8
Secondary Data8
Validity and Reliability9
List of References10


Firstly, it is very important for the researchers to design a methodology for the research problem that has been chosen. What we need to be aware is that the researcher should not only consider the research problem but he or she needs to consider the complete methodology. In this first section I will be explaining why did we concern ourselves with method while writing our project report. I will also explain how it was beneficial for us? To justify the results we have attained through reasoning argumentations in our “Final Semester Project Report” which is a characteristic of scientific work. The first motivation factor to conduct the research about HOH A/S was to solve the challenging problem that was given by our teachers and the other motivation factors were, to get joy of doing some creative work, to acquire respectability and the curiosity to find out the unknown facts of an event. It was beneficial for us in many ways. Research guides us to solve problems in an easiest way. It provides and limits us to the challenging problems, which made us easier to collect the appropriate datas. Never less the research on the existing theories and concepts we have used in our semester project helped us to identify the range and application of them. We can broadly define research method as being a form of systematic enquiry that contributes to knowledge. In our everyday life we somehow only devote little thought to the nature of the knowledge that we are constantly confronted with and we seldom discuss the way of a particular knowledge that has arrived. A research method is a systematic way to solve different research problems considering the nature we are living and the knowledge. Thus, the procedures by which the researchers go about their work by describing, explaining and predicting phenomena are called research methodology. The reliability, validity and reasoning of this kind are as also known as method. Structure of the Research Methodology

In this section, I will be elaborating a complete structure of research methodology that we have followed while writing our semester report. According to our personal experience, knowledge from the teachers and friends, online sources, books and journals, we were able to choose the required market to sell our product i.e. Water cooler and we have formulated our research question.

Figure 1 Complete Research Method Structure based on our semester Project report (Source, My own creation) The main purpose of our project report was to analyze the challenges of HOH A/S to sell its product in a Polish market. The challenges for the HOH to extend its market in Poland should know the market potentials and other related conditions that directly and indirectly affect the company. The research question addressed and investigated in the project report was formulated as: – What could be the opportunities for HOH A/S to create market flexibility in Poland? Research Design and Strategy

Now, I would like to explain briefly the method of investigation that we have chosen to answer the research question. The arrow shown in the figure below shows the method steps we have undertook to answer the research questions and each of the elements are...
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