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A Critical Evaluate the effectiveness of Multicultural Diverse of Work Force in retail industry; a case study on Tesco, Plc

Objectives can be used to analyse and evaluate the literature research, on the usefulness and the effectiveness of HRM practices which manage the diverse work force in retail industry. Its main objectives can be given as follows. • To analyse the current HRM approaches used by the organisation for managing the diverse work force. • To analyse the importance of diverse work force in retail industry. • To analyse the advantages and disadvantages of diverse work forces in retail industry. • To recognize the factors needed for attaining the competitive advantage through diverse work force in retail industry. In order to carry out the above objectives the following analysis are necessary. 1. What are the parameters that affect the relationship at work among employees of different cultures? 2. What are the different HRM approaches taken by the organisation for managing diverse work force? 3. How the organisation can gain competitive advantages through diverse work force?

List of ContentsPage

Chapters and Appendices

Introduction 4

Research Background 4

Literature Review

Introduction 5

Retail Industry 6

The Changing Concept of Divers work force 7

Employee 7

The Human Resource Concept 9

Different type of Diversity in Work place 10

Need of Diverse work force 11

The Management of Diverse work force 11 Disadvantage of Diverse work force 12 Advantage Diverse work force 13

Justification of Research 14 Hypothesis 15

Research Methodology

Introduction 15

Research Philosophy 16

Research Purpose 17

Procedures of the research and design 18

Primary Data Collection 18 Secondary data Collection 18 Data Collection Method...
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