Research Method

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Research Method
Research Setting and Data Collection Procedure

In this research project, we have used secondary data such like journals and articles to support our research. It can help us to explore past research measure on intention to purchase organic food product. It even helps us to narrow down the key factors and the items related which were expected to explain intention to purchase organic product.

We have used questionnaire to collect quantitative data from the sample size and conducted pilot test to test the accuracy of questionnaire. After we have obtained all the data from the target respondents, then we used it to run different tests to analyze the result in quantitative way. The purpose of using these different of tests is to measure the positive and negative relationships between the independent variables and dependent variables. Target Respondent, Sampling Technique and Sample Size

In this research, the target respondents are those have experience in purchasing organic food before. The age range of respondents is in between 15 to 55 and majority is Malay respondents. For the sampling technique, we have selected the non-probability sampling in our research. Besides that, we used quota sampling method to ensure our respondents are within the age range in our research. Dimensional sampling method is used as an extension to quota sampling to ensure that out of the 50 respondents, 25 of them are males and another 25 are females as well as to ensure there are respondents in every race, age range and occupation. This is to ensure the accuracy of the sample frame. Our size sampling is 50 respondents in this research project.
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