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Chapter 1
Mapping the Terrain

Knowledge is Power (Vice Versa)
-The idea that knowledge generates power and, conversely power generates knowledge. (Evidence Based Correction has the most power in Criminal Justice) -After 9/11 Focus Changed from Gang to Terrorism

What is Crime & Justice Research?
-Refers to: a Collection of social science methods applied systematically to generate knowledge about crime and justice phenomenon
-Eg. Why do pedophiles recidivate?
-Research promotes the production of credible knowledge.

Relevance of Research
1. Generating knowledge is interesting and rewarding
2. Sharpens critical thinking
3. Promotes critical consumption of knowledge
a. Read and be critical with the information given and taken from a certain article or any source 4. Key to becoming a proficient researcher
b. Be good with term and methodology of what you are studying at to be proficient with your work 5. Beneficial in today’s workplace

What to Research?
Objects of Study refers to:
-The specific crime and justice phenomena that we decide to research. Crime and Justice Phenomena includes:
-Topics, issues, and questions that revolve around crime, crime control, criminal justice, and criminology

Who are the Researchers?
1. Professors in academia
2. Professors in practice (expert witness)
3. Governmental Researchers
4. Practitioner-Based Researchers
5. Journalists
6. Students

Research Paradigms
-Quantitative (#’s)
-Numerical Data
-Statistical Relationships
-Qualitative ()
-Words & Visual Data
-Patterns & Themes

Collecting Quantitative Data
1. Experimental Research
-A method that divides people being studied into two or more groups, applying a treatment to one of the groups, and determining if there are any differences in the reaction of the groups over a set period of time.

2. Surveys and Interview Research
-A method that uses a written questionnaire or formal interview to gather quantitative data on the backgrounds, behaviors, beliefs, or attitudes of a large number of people or agencies.

3. Nonreactive Research
-The Unobtrusive collection of data that have usually been left behind by others

4. Existing Documents/ Statistics Research
-A method that involves that collection and reanalysis of existing quantitative data

5. Content Analysis (Between Qualitative and Quantitative Method) -A nonreactive method used to examine the content, or information and symbols, contained in written documents or other communication media

Collecting Qualitative Data
1. Ethnographic Field Research
-A method in which the researcher engages the natural environment of their subjects and strives for an up close, personal, and highly detailed understanding of the research subjects’ culture 2. Qualitative Document Analysis (QDA)

-A nonreactive method that attempts to make theoretical sense of documents (text or visual) by analyzing their cultural meaning.
-E.G. Interviewing Police officer of how his job impacts his life and transcribing it?????Ask 3. Historical Research
-A method that examines past events systematically in an effort to accurately describe and account for what has happened in the past. 4. Historical Comparative Research
-A method that examines aspects of social and political life across different cultures and eras

5. Academic Legal Research
-The systematic collection and analysis of legal related documents in order to generate knowledge about a given crime and justice subject.

Mixing Quantitative and Qualitative

Mixed Methods Research
-A mixture of quantitative and qualitative techniques in a single study or series of studies on the same topic.

Why Conduct Research?
Basic Research:
-A genre of research that generates knowledge for the sake of knowledge (Disinterested Knowledge)
Applied Research:
-A genre of research where a study...
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