Research in Usage of Coconut Oil

Topics: Nutrition, Fat, Saturated fat Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: March 20, 2013
The article was taken from the website of a major newspaper -( and this article is talking about the coconut oil. It believes can relieve heal various kinds of disease and improve skin condition, besides that it contains a high amount of bad cholesterol. "But this doesn't apply to coconut oil" say supporters, they believe half the saturated fat in the old is medium-chain fatty acids which are more easier digest than the more prevalent long-chain fatty acids in other oils, including butter. While the scientific community doesn't disagree, it urges caution. "I don't think any health professional including myself is going to tell you to increase the level of saturated fat in your diet", “like the flavor or what it does to food," it's fine to use in limited amounts, says by Len Piche a nutritional scientist. Len Piche also says that he not so sure that the nutrient profile of saturated fat in coconut oil is all that bad necessary because some of them are shorter-chain fatty acids and aren't implicated in some of the chronic diseases. He also concludes that people would be wise to think of using more than one kind of cooking oil. This author also gave evidence of Jackie the owner of Canadian coconut oil distributor always using coconut oil to cook. Another evidence of using coconut oil distributor Sarginson says "no such thing".

That will be controversies in this topic. According to health guide of official Canadian Health website, it suggests that most of the time when cooking or adding fat to food use vegetable oils with unsaturated fats include canola, olive and soybean oils. Coconut with high saturated fat are not suggested by the health guide and if want to use coconut oil must keep less than 10%-Official Canadian Health Guide. According to the website that distribute oil claim that coconut oil is a healthy, naturally saturated oil and one of the most desirable of the natural fats to consume, especially in preference to unnatural...
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