Research in Motion - Strategic Analysis

Topics: Mobile phone, BlackBerry, Bluetooth Pages: 25 (8672 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Executive Summary3
Industry Overview4
Key Players and Market Size of Wireless Industry5
Communications Equipment Industry6
Global Mobile Phones Industry6
Global Integrated Telecommunications Service Market7
Global Networking Equipment Market7
External Analysis7
Industry Analysis7
Growth Areas10
Internal Analysis13
About RIM13
Key Financials16
Value Analysis20
Technology Strategy22
Complementary Assets24
Intellectual Property Management24
Competitor Analysis25
Future Opportunities and Recommendations30
Innovation Strategies30
Appendix A: Porters 5 forces35
Appendix B: PESTLE39
Appendix C: SWOT41
Appendix D: Trends and Drivers42

Executive Summary
This report provides a comprehensive strategic analysis on Research in Motion (RIM) and its Blackberry products, and provides strategic recommendations for the firm for its business. The goal of this report was to understand the industry in which RIM is competing and analyze the firm for investment opportunities. The industry in which RIM competes includes wireless industry for the telecommunications market. As a first step, external analysis was performed in the industry where RIM competes. This includes industry analysis to understand the key facts and trends of the telecommunications market. Following this, a growth analysis of the industry was conducted which identified the growth areas of the industry. As part of the internal analysis, a company overview and its products and services were provided followed by an illustration of RIM’s existing business and technology strategy. Key financial analysis was also performed for the firm. The complementary assets were identified followed by analysis of the intellectual property of the company. This ensued competitor analysis which included identification of prime competitors and their respective market share. A key forecast for RIM was also performed as part of the analysis. Finally, future opportunities for RIM were identified and strategic recommendations for RIM were provided. As a final verdict, RIM was considered to be a worthwhile investment opportunity.

Industry Overview
Wireless devices are a part of everyday life in some form or another and provide means for wireless communications. Any kind of communications can be broken down into either wired, wireless or a hybrid of the two. The ability to communicate on the move has evolved remarkably since Guglielmo Marconi first demonstrated radio’s ability to provide continuous contact with ships sailing in the English Channel in 1879. The industry has evolved in such a way that today provision of wireless communications is not really a luxury but an imperative in many cases. Wireless devices are provisioned to support two types of functions namely voice and data. The demand for ubiquitous communications is driving the development of new wireless devices and techniques that accommodate mobile voice and data users who move throughout buildings, cities or countries. The term wireless has become a generic and all-encompassing word used to describe communications in which electromagnetic or radio frequency (RF) carry some kind of signals from one place to another. Some common examples of wireless devices in use today include the following:-

Figure 1: Wireless Devices
Since wireless industry constitutes various segments, for this project, our research is focussed around the telecommunications market (industry). Network service providers and mobile phone manufacturers work in-conjunction to provide value to the customers. It is, therefore, important to analyse the service provider industry along with the wireless devices industry to provide a comprehensive understanding of the wireless market. A detailed PESTLE and Porter’s five forces analysis has been conducted (as part of Appendix A and B respectively) to better provide...
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