Research in Motion (Rim)

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Research In Motion Limited engages in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of wireless solutions for the mobile communication industry. It provides platforms and solutions to e-mail, phone, short message service, organizer, Internet, and intranet-based corporate data applications. The company's BlackBerry wireless solution comprises wireless devices, software, and services. It also enables the use of personal information management functions, such as calendar, address book, task list, and other functions associated with personal organizers. The company distributes its products through carrier partners and resellers. Research In Motion was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. Purpose of this project

The main purpose of this project is to analyze the external and internal environment of RIM and determine through this short analysis the prospect for RIM to retain its competitive advantage through the medium term. Methods Used in the Analysis

a.External Industry Analysis
i.The macro environment of RIM
ii.The industry environment
iii.SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) iv.Porter's five force model
b.Internal environment
i.The resources of RIM
ii.Organizational capabilities
The Macro Environment of RIM
Firms do not exist in isolation and their performance can vary because of their external environment. For analysis purposes we'll break the external environment up into the broad macro environment and a more narrow industry environment. As their names suggest, both of these environments are outside the firm and generally beyond the firm's control, at least in the near term. The five-macro environments are economic, political/legal, technological, socio-cultural, and demographic. Generally, these environments are analyzed at the level of the nation, however, RIM has an extensive market worldwide and it is evolving further into newly industrialized nations, therefore our environmental analysis has to regard the world economy as a homogenous environment. The national and international economy

The national and international economy in the past two decades has contributed to the success of RIM. Per capita income has risen in all the countries that RIM are operating in, and as it is for most firms a growing economy is favorable for business. Political and legal environment

There has been multiple lawsuits against RIM for patent infringements, with the most notable one brought by NTP Inc. for patent infringements in email over wireless technology. After a long-running legal battle, RIM announced on March 3, 2006 that it had settled "full and final settlement of all claims" paying NTP Inc. US$ 612.5 million. However, to the despair of RIM, another lawsuit was brought by Visto Corp on May 1, 2006 for patent infringements; this has yet to be settled. Technological environment

Advancements in technology have been by far the most important environmental impact on the business successes that RIM has experienced. Businesses worldwide have evolved into using email as primary contact medium, which has made the use of fax and regular mail nearly obsolete. By being the first and probably still the only one truly email-to-go solution provider, RIM has benefited greatly through providing a medium for professionals to be able to leave their desks and still be able to communicate by email. Socio-cultural environment

The shared norms of the business world has changed considerably during the past couple of decades, with businesses becoming more customer orientated, hence, communication has increased between customer and businesses, which has further increased the practicality of RIM's products. The demographic environment

As the economy improves in many emerging markets, the need for businesses increase, as a result the private sector increases in size, which further enhances the usefulness of the BlackBerry to the many business professionals that...
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