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Topics: Tuition, Bilingual education, Multilingualism Pages: 4 (995 words) Published: April 7, 2013
2. Introduction:2
3. Findings:2
3.1 Brain development2
3.2 Social advantages3
3.3 High tuition fees4
4. Conclusion:4
5.0 Recommendations:4
5.0.1 Let more people know bilingual kindergarten4
5.0.2 Policy support5
5.0.3 Funding5

1. Abstract:
Bilingual kindergarten is a new way for the parents to choose for their children. Even the bilingual kindergarten is not known by most of the parents, more and more people are getting more interested in it. This report will investigate the advantages of the bilingual kindergarten to the traditional kindergarten. This research will compare both bilingual and monolingual kindergartens in terms of children’s development, social advantages and the globalization.

2. Introduction:
A bilingual kindergarten is the first stage of bilingual education. With more connection between every country, a bilingual student can absorb more knowledge which can give them more chance to be successful. However, some parents are worrying about whether bilingual education will affect to the children’s first language. Some of them are still considering the high price of bilingual kindergarten which is really good value. This report will analyze the benefits of bilingual kindergartens. The aim of this report is to compare the price and the benefits between bilingual kindergarten and monolingual kindergarten. Then, some recommendations will be given to try to reverse the declining enrollment in this kindergarten. .

3. Findings:
3.1 Brain development
Some early research confused on whether bilingual education may let children confusing their first language. Fortunately, the new research has proved that the bilingual children can reach the same vocabulary at the same age as the monolingual children. In fact, a second language can make the children have more advantages at school. They have more concentration on their task than monolingual students, which is essential to memorize...
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