Research: Hurricanes and Global Warming

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  • Published : April 18, 2011
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In the recent years there has been a focus on hurricanes because they have gradually gotten stronger in the past years. Scientists became more alarmed during the latest hurricane seasons because they believe they have seen the effects of the global temperatures on hurricanes. In recent years hurricanes ravaged the earth breaking records all around the world. Japan broke its previous record of 6 typhoons with 10 in 2004(Trenberth 2005). Before the 2005 hurricane season there had never been record of a hurricane in the South Atlantic Ocean, but on that year Brazil encountered its first hurricane. Also in 2005, the US saw its largest number of named storms, 27, the largest number of hurricanes, 14, and it has been the only year with three category 5 hurricanes (Anthes 2006). Because of these over the top records, numerous researchers have studied hurricanes more closely and many believe that as the temperature of the Earth increases the temperature of the oceans will raise producing more hurricanes that are more powerful and destructive.

The number or of hurricanes and their intensity is very important to society because they are the costliest natural disasters in the United States and also because the population along the coast has increased (Emanuel 2005). Many of the articles that were published before 2005 are more skeptical about making conclusions about whether hurricanes are linked to global warming or not. These articles focus on the 2004 hurricane season which cost the US more than $40 billion according to the National Hurricane Center (Pielke 2005). Those articles that were published after 2005 agree that there is a linkage between rising sea surface temperatures and hurricanes but they do not know what the linkage is yet. Several of the journals include the major ocean basins where hurricanes are formed which are: North Atlantic Ocean, West Pacific Ocean, East Pacific Ocean, Southwest Pacific Ocean, North Indian Ocean, and the South Indian Ocean...
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