Research Essay on Ayurvedic Medicine vs Alllopathic

Topics: Ayurveda, Medicine, Pharmacology Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: December 11, 2011

Topic –ayurvedic medicine Vs allopathic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the most ancient systems of medicine that people are using from decades. The word ayurvedic is derived from Sanskrit word “ayurveda”. It is made up of two words that are “Ayus” and “Veda”. The former means life and latter means knowledge and the combination of both together forms “knowledge of life”. Ayurvedic medicine is made with the help of plant parts such as leaves, roots, bark etc. Ayurvedic medicine takes long time to treat or prevent disease but it is free from the side effects. On the other hand, allopathic (synthetic) medicine cures faster but gives innumerous side effects. The use of ayurvedic medicine is better as compared to allopathic medicine as it is easy to prepare, free from side effects and can cure severe diseases. First, in today’s world, people follow allopathic system of medicine because it takes shorter period of time to cure the diseases and provides instant relief from pain. Allopathic medicine follows methodological approach towards diagnosis and cure. Furthermore, many pharmaceutical companies prepare similar drugs due to which, there is a lot of competition in market for allopathic medicine. Due to this competition, the prices of the drugs get lower and hence most of the drugs are available at lowered prices. Allopathic medicine is easy to find out in market and is not very expensive. In fact, allopathic medicine has more side effects but it also gives quick relief from pain. Furthermore, ayurvedic medicines are derived from herbs and/or mixture of plants product, either alone or in combination with minerals or metals. Ayurvedic medicines can also be made at home by extraction, evaporation, infusion of plant parts. All these production steps are simple, easy and can be done at home. They do not require the use of expensive and bulky machinery to prepare the product as it is in the case of synthetic...
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