Research Design of Computerized Payroll System

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Proposal In Data Communication

Submitted By:
Roel Angelo D. Sobrevilla
Mark Anthony V. Baccay

Submitted to:
Mr. Jonathan Pagurayan


We would like to thanks to Sir Jonathan Pagurayan to have an opportunity to do a proposal in Computer Shop Business in Data Communication. Hope that you understand the work of our group.


The computer shop business nowadays is in demand in all part of our country today because of the modernization of our society. Every time you need to use computer there always be a computer shop to serve you. They give convenience to the people. Many of the people have no personal computer at their home. That’s why they go to the computer shop to use computer. Many of the computer shop have their own style of convincing people to go their shop. They do a promo to have more customers. That’s why I and my group mate do a proposal for a computer shop business. To explore the world of computer shop business. Please guidance of our proposal.

Objective of Study
General Objective
❖To give privacy to the client, and give convenience to every person who will use internet, and other office application. Specific Objective
❖To prevent lag within the units, to have a convenient transactions because they have one server in the computer shop. ❖To have an organized environment within the computer shop, having the separate computer for gaming and surfing to net.

Statement of the Problem

A growing number of people comprises Computer Shop and continuous using of computer because of their personal use. Including playing computer games, researching and doing of their projects and activities. We therefore came up with regards to this and wish to answering the following problems.

1.What is the different of using computer in the computer shop to the computer in the house? 2.Do all people in the community use computer in the computer shop? 3.How computer shop help people to achieve the information that they needs on the daily living?

Problem of the Study

1.Unorganized customer that go to the computer shop.
2.The maintenance of the computer shop.
3.The monthly expenses of all products including electricity and others. 4.The cleanliness of the computer shop.

Solution of the Study

1.Do a policy inside the computer shop to avoid the unorganized customer. 2.Do a weekly maintenance to all gadgets in the shop.
3.Do a list of monthly expenses to know how much that can save of the owner. 4. Do an everyday cleaner to clean the computer shop.

Significance of the study

To help the user to know the proper use of computer in computer shop. •To make a social activities to the people through gaming in the compute shop. •To bring friendship to others and to know also what are the latest in computer world. •To give experience to other that doesn’t know how to use computer.

Background of the Study

Before you go to a business like computer shop. You also know first the background of this business that you want to established. The computer shop business is in demand today in our generation. Every people know how to use computer but somehow there’s people don’t know to use it. I and my group mate had to do a proposal of computer shop to explore what happened in this business. Including the proper way of cycling the computer shop business. We know that if you had to go to this business, you need to expense more money and effort. This is a business that can’t easy to manage. You need to certain a lot of effort. This proposal is used to know the students to have a study about what

happened if they established someday a business like computer shop business. It is the realities of our life today. The most important if you go to establish a computer shop business is money. If your capital is too small, you will encounter the capita crisis. Example of the cost of established of computer shop. You need 2 million pesos to all the equipment, rent,...
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