Research Design and Methodology: Qualitative Style of Research and Statistical Data

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Research Design and Mythology

The research design and methodology of the paper will be a qualitative style of research combined with statistical data. The author will use secondary data to gather the five methods of research: observations, interviews, survey forms, focus groups and internal data. The hope is to combine these methods and research findings to create and instructive and comprehensive platform to make the necessary changes in order to provide true equal opportunities for women in political and professionals sectors. Surveys will be the most informative source of data used in this study. There are many surveys that focus on many aspects of women and career development. It is very easy to find a number of women in different stages of their career to maintain the minimal number of respondents to conduct the survey. For example, Bradley, Brown and Dower conducted a survey of nearly 650 employees were surveyed in a public sector agency and results indicated that only a few of the previously identified factors (career-expectations, development, encouragement; culture fit; mentoring; relationships; demographics) were significant predictors of career success in this public sector sample. However, there were gender differences (2009). This study provides evidence that there are factor that differ between men and women professionally at a lower professional level. If these factors differ at a lower level than it is certain that they have an influence on women reaching a higher level of success in employment. In addition, Sanghamitra Buddhapriya, developed a questionnaire strictly for women professionals in order to find a correlation between professional development and family management. These surveys and others like them will produce an overview of the problems women are experiencing in high profile/political careers. This study gives valuable information about the daily stresses women go through with personal life that men simply don’t. This...
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