Research Design

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Meaning – Need – Features – Steps In Formulating a Research Design – Basic Principles of Experimental Designs

Once the Research problem identified, researcher has to plan how to go about the / conduct research in most efficient and successful manner. Good planning gives the researcher direction for the successful completion of the project The plan of study is called research design

It the blue print of the proposed study


“It is a logical and systematic planning and it helps directing a piece of research”

R.D is the program that guides the investigator in the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting observation

A plan of what data to gather, from whom, how and when to collect the data, and how to analyze the data obtained

A plan for collecting and utilizing data so that desired information can be obtained with sufficient precision or so that an hypothesis can be tested properly.

1.What is the study about
2.Why is study being made
3.What type of data are needed
4.What are the sources of data
5.What periods pf time will the study include


1.It should minimize the biasness and maximize the reliability 2.Lower the experimental error better design / a design which yield nominal information a.It facilitates obtaining required information

b.It suits to the skill of the researcher


1.It act as a guide to the researcher (compass in the hands of sailor) 2.It makes research process effective minimum use of time, money 3.It act as a blue print for the purpose of data collection 4.It also indicates the techniques of data collection

5.It helps the researcher to collect the data according the objectives of research 6.Therefore the R.D increases the reliability of the research finings 7.Without R.D a study lead towards misleading conclusions it is necessary to prepare the RESEARCH DESIGN

(Brief explanation of the genesis of the problem should be given)

2.Title of the Study (statement of the problem)
(Specific to the area of the study / it indicate the topic of the study / professional not pedantic – dull – brief as possible)

3.Review of the previous literature
(Enables the researcher to know about the previous study/ replication / if it repli. State why – justification – environmental differences - temporal)

4.Scope of the Study
(Extend of the study / use)

5.Objectives of the Study / Hypothesis
It enlightens the researcher own mind and lead to more efficient enquiry. ‘Q’ to which researcher propose to seek answer through a study. No limit for objectives / depends upon the time , resources constrains, capacity etc.

Hypothesis: Anticipated outcome or possible answer to the research questions. Specific and very simple

6.Operational Definition
The concept used in title of the study

7.Geographical Area to be covered

8.Reference Period
It may be 1 yr - 5 yr or 10 yr / depend upon the title - data available – trend analysis for – production – sales

(Kind of information required answering the questions/ he must know the sources of data / gather information)

(Portion of population / observation on this smaller group than generalizing to be applied to a large / smaller group that is observed is called sample larger is called population)

11.Tools for Collection of Data

12.Plan of Analysis (must reduced to meaningful statistical analysis – so drawn conclusion and findings can be given)

13.Research Report

14.Time Schedule
(Time for – theoretical background)
-Data gathering
-For processing
-Writing report
-Submitting thesis

15.Financial Budget

-Money needed to complete the entire project
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