Research Critique of “Race-Ethnicity, Education, and Employment After Spinal Cord Injury”

Topics: African American, Model, Research Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Research Critique of “Race-Ethnicity, Education, and Employment After Spinal Cord Injury” Nancy Bell MARC
South Carolina State University
EDRC 532-21 Summer 2012

Research Critique of “Race-Ethnicity, Education, and Employment After Spinal Cord Injury” Introduction
The authors of this article provide a very methodical introduction. The introduction included a lot of statistical data that provided background information for the reader. . The authors focused on all of the disparities that individuals with Spinal Card Injuries (SCI) may have. There were two key things that the Authors focused on which were race and gender, however there was no mention of demographics. One of the most important factors that the authors discussed is the limited amount of research available to draw from, because of the time the research was completed and they were not looking at all of the factors. Kraus, J.S, Lee Saunders, L., & Staten. D (2008) stated:

Although these and other studies have clearly defined the importance of race-ethnicity, injury severity, and educational attainment with employment status after SCI, they have been somewhat limited in the extent to which multiple factors are considered simultaneously, and the most comprehensive analysis of data from the NSCISC is now a decade old. The authors do a good job of saying and providing information why the topic is important. Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study “was to use data from the NSCISC to identify the relationship of race-ethnicity with employment status, while evaluating the interrelationships with gender, injury severity, and years of education.” The authors explained that there focus is to mainly analyze the data to look at the relationship of race-ethnicity and gender with educational attainment and employment. They also stated that they would exclude some information as necessary for more refined analyses. The authors stated, “We had more latitude for...
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