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  • Published : January 30, 2012
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The purpose of this essay is to critically appraise a research that was carried out in a mental health hospital in Southern Norway titled “Relatives of persons with recently discovered serious mental illness: in need of support to become resource persons in treatment and recovery” by (K.Norby, K.KJonsberg and J.K.Hummelvoll, 2009). I am going to look at the approach, methodology, the design, population sample, data collection method, ethical issues and how the data was analysed. I am then going to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the research. To evaluate this research, I am going to use the framework for critiquing health research by (Cadwell.k, Henshaw.L, and Taylor.G, 2005).

The title of the study is very informative and indicates the focus of the study. However it failed to mention staff members as they were also part of the population in the data collection process. Parahoo,(2006) states that reference should be made to the population from whom data are collected.

The study was conducted by three authors with respectable academic backgrounds and they are all registered Psychiatric nurses. Their professional fields are relevant to the study, K.Norby is head of research and development, K.K Jonsberg is a research assistant and J.K Hummelvoll is a professor in health and sports which makes them suitable to carry out this research project. They also hold further academic qualifications in different fields in health studies. I find the authors credible with the qualifications that they hold.

In this research, the abstract is straight to the point and contains most of the information a good abstract should have as stated by (Schneider et al,2007) that the abstract should contain sufficient information about the stages of the research process for example aim of the study,method, sample and findings. However, it does not summarise the key components for example no recommendation or conclusion. The abstract also clearly states the research is of a qualitative nature.

It is stated that this research was undertaken because more knowledge was needed about relatives experiences and views concerning factors facilitating an active involvement from relatives. Previous

studies (Hogary et al.1986, Moltova 2006) proved that active involvement of patients reduces relapse. However other studies (Leff et al, Kottgen et al 1984) did not find any differences in relapse rates in treatment strategy that involves family. The present study is part of a large cooperative inquiry.

The literature review undertaken was relevant to the study. Polet and Beck (2006) state that a good literature review in a qualitative research should summarise the existing body of knowledge related to the problem or phenomenon of interest. Most of the materials used for the literature review were less than five years old. Parahoo, (2006) points out that literature review should be current, not more than five years old and up to date. Another strength of this article is that the literature review lays a solid basis for a new study. However the weakness of literature review is that not enough primary sources were used.

The aim for the study is clearly stated that they wanted to explore and describe what facilitates active involvement for relatives in the treatment and rehabilitation of their family members so therefore this research aims to get more information from relatives and health workers. To do this, the researchers set themselves a research question to set out what they wanted to achieve.

Ethical issues were properly addressed. Consent was obtained and participation was voluntary and the project was approved by the relevant authorities. The issue of confidentiality and anonymity are the main ethical issues researchers must consider when conducting an interview, Parahoo,(2006). In this research, these were properly addressed by the authors. Because anonymity is impossible when conducting interviews, there is...
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