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Research Critique

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This assignment critiques the article “The limited reliability of the Ramsay scale” by Olson.D, Lynn.M, Thoyre.S.M, and Graffagnino C., that had been published in neuro critical care journal,volume 7, no. 3, in 2007. Title

According to Nieswadomy (1998, p.339), title should contain not more than 15 words, if possible. This makes it easier for the other researchers to obtain the literature through the database as it contains critical words.

In this article, the title is brief and the length is appropriate. There is no target population mentioned. The title however would be clearer if the authors reflected target population, as readers would be easier identifying the subjects involved in their study. The word “reliability” on the title was not specific enough as it could be meant for the reliability of Ramsay score application or the reliability of Ramsay Score it self.

The abstract is placed at the beginning of the journal article and it gives a brief description of a completed or proposed study however, the abstract words should be approximately 150 words long and contain the background, methods, results, conclusion, and key words (Polit & Beck, 2006, p. 68).

The article has given a summary within 150 words. A concise background of problems was defined in the introduction.

The term “Inter-Rater” in the research’s aim is ambiguous. Questions will arise to clarify about who are the rater involved, and level of expertise were similar or different. Perhaps, by giving specific explanation on the meaning of this term, readers might have better understanding of research aims.

Conclusion was complete and able to convince the reader the need to further study as there is insufficient evidence to support the reliability of the Ramsay scale as a measure of sedation assessment.

Research Question / Hypothesis
A clearly stated hypothesis includes the variables to be manipulated or measured, identifies the population to be...

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