Research Concerning Consumer Behaviour Regarding the Laptop Market, Laptop Preferences and Related Variables

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  • Published: October 29, 2007
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"Research concerning consumer behaviour regarding the
laptop market, laptop preferences and related variables"
Course: Marketing Research
Tutor: Dr. Carlos J.S. Lourenço
Institution: Tilburg University
Location: Tilburg
Date: 2007
In light of the premaster Marketing Management, I have written this statistical analysis rapport. After a period of extensive research, analysis and evaluation, I have been able to map out the conclusions, which Ire requested of us in light of understanding practical marketing research related issues. This rapport has been written as a result of the course "marketing research". This course is given in order to learn how to judiciously use (multivariate) statistical methods to support strategic and tactical marketing decisions.

A major PC retailer in Tilburg needs help defining and implementing a new strategy to stimulate sales and increase profit. In order to cope with frequent new product introductions in the portable PC segment the retailer has already gathered information on which attributes consumers consider more valuable when choosing to buy a laptop. These attributes, as Ill as psychographic variables are taken into account when conducting the analyses. These analyses are concentrated on multiple marketing research techniques. These include: logistic regression, conjoint analysis, cluster analysis and factor analysis.

This rapport contains six chapters. Chapter one will describe the profiles of the current laptop owners using logistic regression. Chapter two will analyze the ratings of the laptop profiles made by consumers with the help of a conjoint analysis. The number and composition of market segments will be explained via a cluster analysis in chapter three. The question of how the segments differ from one another will be answered in chapter four using a factor analysis. Chapter five will be a description of ideal laptops based on the results of the conjoint analysis. Finally, chapter six will...
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