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Topics: Statistical significance, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 16 (4406 words) Published: January 3, 2013
assistant professor, govt college of education, m.a.road, srinagar, kashmir, india

An attempt has been made to assess and compare the emotional maturity of Boys and Girls university students. A sample of 100 students (50 boys and 50 Girls University students) was drawn from distance education university students. The data was collected by administrating Yashvir Singh and Mahesh Bhargava Emotional maturity Scale (EMS)). “t” test was used to find out the significant differences on emotional maturity between Boys and Girls University students. The results reveal that the Girls University students have better emotional maturity than Boys University students on composite score. However, on factors wise girls university students have better Emotional maturity on factors viz. Physical Conditions, Note Taking, Memory and Taking Examination than Boys University students. In the present circumstances, youth as well as children are facing difficulties in life. These difficulties are giving rise to many psychosomatic problems such as anxiety, tensions, frustrations and emotional upsets in day to day life. So, the study of emotional life is now emerging as a descriptive science, comparable with anatomy. It deals with interplay of forces with intensities and quantities. Etymologically the word ‘Emotion’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Emovere’ which means to stir up, to excite or to agitate Emotional maturity is not only the effective determinant of personality pattern, but it also helps to control the growth of adolescent’s development. The concept ‘Mature’ emotional behaviour of any level is that which reflects the fruits of normal emotional development. A person who is able to keep his emotions under control, which is able to break delay and to suffer without self pity, might still be emotionally stunned and childish. According to Walter (1976) emotional maturity is a process in which the personality is continuously striving for greater sense of emotional health, both intra-psychically and intra personality. Emotional stability is one of the seventh important indicators of mental health. It simply means being grown up so that one may be able to personally manage his/her desires and feelings and may be better able to cope up the adverse life situations in a most benefiting and socially approved manner. The most outstanding mark of emotional maturity is ability to bear tension. The emotionally mature is not one who necessarily has resolved all conditions that aroused anxiety and hospitability but it is continuously in process of seeing himself/herself in clearer perspective, continually involved in a struggle to gain healthy integration of feeling and thinking action. According to Charles E Skinner, An emotionally matured person is the one who is able to keep a lid on his feelings. He can suffer in silence; he can bide his time in spite of present discomfort. He is not subject to swings in mood, he is not volatile. When he does express emotion, he does so with moderation, decency and in good order. According to Walter D.Smitson (1974), “Emotional maturity is a process in which the personality is continuously striving for greater sense of emotional health, both intra-physically and intrapersonally.” According to Crow and Crow (1974), “An emotion is an affective experience that accompanies generalizes inner adjustment and mental and psychologicaly stirred up states in an individual and that shows itself in his overt behaviour.” According to Cole, “The most outstanding make of emotional maturity is the ability to bear tension. Besides, an emotionally matured person persists in the capacity for fun and recreation. He enjoys both play and responsible activities and keeps them in proper balance.” According to Fred Mc. Kinney, “The characteristics of an emotionally matured person are heterosexuality, appreciation of attitude and...
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