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Biography of Dr. Betty Neuman RN PHD, FAAN
*Recognized pioneer of nursing involvement in mental health
* Born 1924 in rural Ohio
* 1947 completed initial nursing education in Akron, Ohio * 1957 earned B.S. in nursing in public health and psychology (UCLA) * 1966 earned Masters degree in mental health, public health consultation (UCLA) * 1970 developed Neuman Systems Model (University of California) * 1985 received Doctorate in clinical psychology

References for biography section: www.nursesinfo/nursing_theory_person_neuman_betty.htm

Conceptual Model Development

* Developed conceptual model as a way to teach introductory nursing course to students. * Developed from Neuman’s concept of health and her view of the relationship between client and environment. * Neuman’s development goal was to provide a wholistic overview of human beings.

References for Conceptual Model Development: (Tomey& Alligood, 2006, pp. 140-159) Major Concepts

A. Clients - Wholistic Approach
* Clients viewed as whole parts in a dynamic interaction. * Clients are multi-dimensional layered beings including subsystems 1. Physical/Physiological
2. Psychological
3. Socio-Cultural
4. Developmental
5. Spiritual
** References for A: ** References for B –K: (Tomey & Alligood, 2006, pp. 140-159) B. Basic Structure (central core) – Open System

* Clients may be an individual, a group, a family, or a community. * Clients as a system exchange energy and information with the environment both positively and negatively. * Client goes through repeated cycles of input and output and feedback

* Client achieves stability or homeostasis when a desired state of balance copes with stressors to maintain an optimal level of health.

C. Environment- the total of the internal and external forces which interact and...
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