Research Background

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1.1 Research Background

Advertising is ways of communication in commercialize a product. Every single product in market need a channel to deliver what are their products is all about. In some kind of company they used many sort of commercialization such as an advertisement, a campaign, and a video commercial depending on what and who their market audience. Let’s take an example of an advertisement. An advertisement is a medium for a company to persuade, to tell and to sell their products to customer respectively. Moreover, with a good style of commercialization, a product can be sell well if the message pass to consumer in very good ways. A commercialization is a communication to deliver what are the products is really is.

In further, good advertising will lead consumer to impulse purchase because advertisements supply useful historiographical resources for studying the values and perceptions of the people who created them. Impulse purchase is buying behavior indicates that individual consumers do not view their specific purchases as wrong and indeed retrospectively report a favorable evaluation of their behavior. It is involves a time-consuming information search followed by rational decision making as well (Piron, 1991; Stern, 1962). Impulse buying occurs when a consumer experiences a sudden, often powerful and persistent urge to buy something immediately. The impulse to buy is hedonically complex and may stimulate emotional conflict. Also, impulse buying is prone to occur with diminished regard for its consequences (Rook, 1987, p. 191).

Often, different products will have different types of market segmentation. Thus, it will have different language of communication as well. For example, many of junk food commercialization used colorful, exciting, also include some cartoons character to grab kid’s attention. Kids love with something that attract them and at the same time persuade them to purchase the products. Same...
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