Research Articles Summary

Topics: Marketing, Market segmentation, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Research Articles Summary
Ragena Procunier, Donna Hall, Edward Kastelic, Windi Morton, and Juan Duarte Team B
Instructor Greg Rankin

During the second week of Marketing, Team B was assigned the task of researching valuable terms related to the marketing field. The research process involved assigning team member’s term or marketing tasks previously chosen by the instructor to research via the University Library. An article needed to be located that related to the term and summarized and discussed by the team members. Compiled below is a brief summary of the articles located by all members of Team B and the key points found within those articles.

The first bullet point discussed was customer targeting. Team member Donna Hall located the article ‘Targeting Your Customers’ in the University Library. This article is by Patricia Fripp who is a full of energy and for more than 25 years has delivered powerful presentations. In this article right off the bat, it begins by knowing yourself, and your audiences. Marketers need to answer the why, what, where, when, and how’s. How are you going to position yourself in the market? This article asks the researcher who is the group that will by the product? Why would anyone want to buy the product? Then last is the biggest question of all, how are you going to sell the product? Great things never make it to the consumer because they were never marketed correctly. The next bullet point covered was SWOTT analysis which was also researched by Donna Hall. ‘SWOT Methodology: A State-of-the-Art Review for the Past, a Framework for the Future’ is the title of the article located and it explores the tool for analyzing products called SWOT which stands for Strengths, and weaknesses of an organization and internal environment. SWOT also analyzes the Opportunities and Threats that are in the external environment of an organization. It goes on to say that there are many types of analysis out there and even thought...
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