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Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Law Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Human rights violation is one of the major current issues, faced by different countries of the world. “Human rights are the basic rights and freedom to which all the humans are entitled, often held to include the rights to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression and equality before law.” So, any action that takes away these fundamental rights of a person, is considered a human right violation. Even though, the human rights are being violated all over the world in different ways, but most of the third world countries are considered to have more human rights violations. The reason for there violations are political of wealth, lack of education, racism and even religion. During the last two decades, the humans rights activist are international community have gotten strict about this issue. The U.S government should prohibit trade with the countries that have human rights violation. They believe that by doing so they will be able to force the governments of there countries to make regulations, regarding human rights and enforce them. But this problem and its solution is not a simple as it looks. The topic I chose for my persuasive writing paper is “ should U.S government prohibit the trade with the countries that have poor records of human rights. The first reason for choosing this topic is that, when I was in Pakistan in late 90’s we had a some type of situation in our country. Because, of the human rights violation by employing under aged kids in factories. The government was pushed to take actions against some employers otherwise government of Pakistan had to take the trade boycott by intribution community. As a result the child labor was restricted. These restrictions stopped the child labor to some extent. Bu, it created some other problems. All of those kids were from the poor families which couldn’t afford their kids’ education. These kids were now on the streets and had nothing to do. Most of them got engaged into socially and legally wrong...
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