Research and Statistics in Psychology

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Science Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Research and Statistics in Psychology

Tracy Charles


October 14, 2012
Jennifer Slothower

Research and Statistics in Psychology

Psychologist need to adhere to scientific research methods when doing a study “the scientific method requires systematic observation and a willingness to modify understanding based on these observations” (Cloninger et al., 2008). This method involves careful observation and collection of data to rule out theories that are not valid. “Scientific reporting is unbiased and objective and requires clear communication of concepts” (Zechmeister, Zechmeister & Shaughnessy, 2001). This method should make psychological measurements valid and reliable. A few challenges that psychologist might face when conducting this research are reliability, validity, and measurement techniques. When using the scientific method a person needs to make sure the findings are reliable and they can do this by repeating the measurements at another time or by having another person check to see if they receive similar results. A person has to be certain that the test actually measures what it is intended to measure in other words making certain that the test has validity. Finally, have different measurement techniques that someone may use. They will need to evaluate the different techniques and determine which type is appropriate for their test. Primary data is obtained directly from the person observing or experiencing it, it is the original information, and this data is collected or observed directly. In the case of surveys, this would be direct from the respondent’s replies. Secondary data is from other sources, it is the process of a researcher using the original data to explore the meaning and make comments or updates on the information. This data can be found in published or unpublished papers. A person may gather this information in order to learn more about a subject and/or to create a better hypothesis. For...
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