Research and Statistics

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  • Published : June 27, 2011
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Research, Statistics, and Psychology
As with any discipline or teaching, the information known today did not just appear from nowhere or suddenly. Instead, the knowledge and understanding of arithmetic, science, and geography, among all other subjects, has been acquired from a long history of events and has involved many phenomenal thinkers and discoveries. The formal discipline of psychology is no exception to this rule as the field has a vast history with an overabundance of statistics as well as research. To gain a more complete sense of and appreciation for the role of research and statistics in the field of psychology, one must explain the role of statistics in research, compare and contrast the characteristics of primary and secondary data, and define research and the scientific method. Establishing a definition for both research and scientific method is the first element essential to fully comprehending how research and statistics impact the formal discipline of psychology. Research, something that everyone at this level of higher learning has done a tremendous amount of, may hold a slightly different meaning for different individuals. This may be because what constitutes research is partially left to the individual researcher’s subjective point of view. So, because of this, to avoid any uncertainty, one may turn to the dictionary for clarification and preciseness concerning the specific definition of research. More so than just limiting research to “organized study,” research usually means “methodical investigation into a subject in order to discover facts, to establish or revise a theory, or to develop a plan based on the facts discovered” Encarta (2010). Other than research, again, scientific method must too be copiously understood. Scientific method is a term that most people are likely familiar with. However, one may argue that people in general could not identify the number of steps in the scientific method or what each of them is. To eliminate any...
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