Research and Compare Higher Education Institutions Higher Education in the United States

Topics: College, University, Higher education Pages: 4 (1254 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Research and Compare Higher Education Institutions
Higher Education in the United States
Module 6 Assignment 2

Submitted to the
Faculty of Argosy University Sarasota
College of Education

Sharon Warthen
Argosy University

August 4, 2012

When a student is searching for an institution that they can rely on to fulfill all of their needs for higher education more than likely they consider the cost, accreditation, location, and reputation. Many students are becoming more engrossed with having exceptional Academic Educational Leadership, Faculty Governance and curriculum; they want more for the money they are paying. According to NEA, the faculty involvement in governance is essential in high education. Research support provided to the institution the give information to administration of methods in instruction and developing curriculum. Academic Educational leaders at any level academic leaders at any level are it a dean, department head, provost, vice president, or president should be leading by example, be generous with their time and know-how and be effective and supportive mentors. They are expected to take an active interest in people, giving advice and support whenever required (Argosy 2012). Argosy (2012) identifies curriculum as the content and sequence of knowledge or information imparted to learners during any stage of learning (Argosy 2012). Create a curriculum that is both sustainable and social / this in the broader sense means that the curriculum should be fashioned in a way that leaves enough scope for inquiry, dialogue, reflection, and action. The writer selected two institutions of higher education for an evaluation of the following: faculty governance, academic leadership, and curriculum design in each. The writer discussed the pros and cons of each and provides recommendations.

Pasco Hernando Community College
Curriculum Planning at PHCC has very specific prerequisites, to meet the needs of...
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