Research and Analysis Project for B.Sc Honors in Applied Accounting to Be Presented to: Oxford Brookes University England Word Count: 6,412 Prepared by: Mentor: an Analysis of the Business and Financial

Topics: Financial ratios, Financial ratio, Revenue Pages: 21 (7355 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Research and Analysis Project

Selecting ACCA certification has been one of the most important decisions by me as it helped me leverage my position in the job market along with extensive understanding of accounting concepts. Other than that, I selected it as it provided me an opportunity to get the BSc. Honors degree of Oxford Brookes University. While studying as an accounting student in United Kingdom, I really needed a locally recognized degree on my resume to enhance my exposure in the competitive market of UK. The topic I chose for my research is “Financial and business analysis of an organization over a period of 3 years” The organization I chose for my RAP is Al Ghazi Tractors Limited, Pakistan. Project objectives and overall research approach:

Reasons for choosing this topic: Financial and accounting sector has been facing tough time post the slowdown in world’s economy. This has lead to more competition in major financial centers of the world like London in terms of jobs. Though I have had some experience of accounting by working at different place, I have not been able to work on financial analysis on any company during my job. This was the major reason why I decided to chose this topic because it will not only allow me to do something important that I have never done, but also provide me advantage of being flexible about any prospective job arising in the market. Moreover, I believe this topic will increase my understanding of the accounting and business practices used by companies in my home land. It will help me understand how different accounting practices impact the financial position and performance of a company. Why I choose this Organization: Since I have Pakistani origin and I keep visiting my country, I always remained interested in the companies in my country. Agriculture is the most important sector in Pakistan due to its high contribution and highest employment in the country. Due to this I decided to select a company related to agricultural sector. Since there is no corporate farming company in Pakistan, I decided to choose the tractor company whose sales are directly related to the increase in agricultural activity of Pakistan. Thus I decided to choose Al Ghazi tractors which is known for its low price tractors in Pakistan. Moreover, it’s affiliation with the FIAT international group, which is one of the largest agricultural products providers, also made me inquisitive about the value addition of the company. Moreover, I have been hearing about the tractor schemes provided by the government to the Pakistani farmers. This also made me interesting about the financial and business performance of the company. THE ORGANISATION:

Al ghazi tractors was incorporating in Pakistan in June 1983 as a government owned organization. However, it got privatized in December 1991 and was purchased by Al-Futtain Group of Dubai. Main business of the company is to manufacture agricultural tractors. Head office of the company is in Karachi and the factory of the company is located in Dera Ghazi Khan, 700 kilometers (Profile, 2010, cited on Al ghazi Tractors website : About Us, 2010) away from Karachi. The company manufacturers its New Holland (FIAT) tractors in technical collaboration with CNH – Case New Holland, the number one manufacturer of agricultural tractors in the world. The CNH group employs approximately 31,500 people around the world in 170 countries. CNH is the majority-owned subsidiary of Fiat S.p.A, the parent company of Fiat Group, a public limited company with stock listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. CNH has 43.17 percent holding in Al Ghazi Tractors. Moreover, 50% of shares of Al Ghazi are owned by Al Futtain Group which operates through 65 countries and has investments in automotive, electronics, engineering, retail, financial services, general services, and real estate around the world. Al Ghazi tractor started its production in 1984 with auxiliary plant...
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