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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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The topic I chose to research is metaphors in the work of Langston Hughes. I started my process off by choosing four pieces of his work to reference from. After knowing the specific pieces I wanted to use, I begin looking for sources on the Galileo database on the Savannah State University website. I didn’t use any outside sources to conduct my research. This is my second time using the Galileo database to construct a research paper, so it became easier to do this time. I was able to put together specific key words to pick out the important information and the useless information. When researching, I discovered the database gave me more helpful sources when I capitalized the word in which was most important. For example, instead of researching “metaphors Langston Hughes”, I wrote, “METAPHOR Langston Hughes.” By doing this, the database was able to give me more options closely related to my topic. A technique that I found to be unhelpful is when I just put Hugh’s name. Instead of giving me information on his pieces, they just gave biographies.

When gathering my first five sources I found it very helpful to take notes that seemed important and not so much important so I would have plenty of information to conduct my paper. I gathered about nine sources before I narrowed it down to five. As I was reading over my sources, I found that some were helpful and, others were not, and some repeated the same information I already had in previous sources. I collected most of my notes from academic journals that criticized Hughes’s work. From each source, I paraphrased any information I wrote down, accept quotes, so that I could avoid plagiarism. Writing down the page numbers were always helpful for when I needed to go back and look at the article to add more information to my paper. The capitalization of the word metaphor really made a big difference this time around during my research. I was able to narrow down the unimportant facts much faster than last time. There are...