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• My name: Nguyen Nguyen Hong Phuc
• Date of birth: December 20th,1991
• Class: K15NAD1
• Foreign Language Department
• Student Code: 152624412
• My email:
• My mobile phone: 0903.487184
• Internship place: HAGL Plaza Hotel Danang
Address: 01 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Danang
Telephone: 05113.222.3344 – 05113.222.3355
• Supervisor in hotel: Tang Thien Vu
• Telephone: 0905.597725
• Supervisor in university: Le Thi Thanh Yen
• Telephone: 0982.718601


Tran CaoVan Street,
Thanh Khe District, Danang city
February 21st, 2013

Dear teacher of Duy Tan University.
Dear director and staff of HAGL Plaza Hotel Danang.

First of all, I would like to show my thankfulness to teachers who taught me in the past time. I also would like to thank Ms. Le Thi Thanh Yen who instructed me in the last internship time.

Besides, I also would like to thank the Director and staff of HAGL Plaza Hotel who is very enthusiastic to help me in this internship perfectly. They instruct me a lot and I can learn many skills in the receptionist job.

And finally, I am very grateful to my family and my friends who help me a lot in this time.

Thanks for all!

In all of our current country’s industries, tourism is one of the most important industries and it has many great effects to Viet Nam’s economic development. Especially, in the period of socioeconomic innovation, with the great leap of science and technology revolution, the more living standard develop, the more human’s need increase. People’s demand is gradually becoming variety, so they want to come in for many different services. Of course, travel is one of the essential demands in their life. They will have a chance to visit many attractive places, to relax them after working a long time, and to learn about some different culture and civilized society. Therefore, to satisfy their need better, in recent years, Vietnam’s tourism industry has made great efforts in the advertising and tourism promotion, attracting many domestic and international tourists.

Vietnam is the country which has natural resources and abundant culture with both natural and cultural heritage of the world's people has been recognized as My Son holly land, Hoi an ancient town, Ha Long Bay….which has contributed a lot to our tourism. Although we have many difficulties in developing of resources, Vietnamese Party also have a lot of suitable policy to promote it better. The local government also satisfactorily implements the policies of the Party such as investment and development of infrastructure, investment of construct school training for tourism, construction of lots of best quality hotels and resorts. However, tourism also has many troubles in shortage of trained staff, unsuitable uses of resources, poor sense of environmental protection….Vietnam’s tourism also has many effort to prevent from some epidemic diseases as SARS, H5N1…includes terrorism which make the whole world is threatened. Tourists still consider Vietnam as an attractive and safe destination.

Tourism in Viet Nam is gradually developing greatly. There are many hotels which are built to meet visitor’s demands. That is why I learn the major of tourism and want to become a receptionist in the future. It’s really an interesting career but to do this job well, there are many factors that I have when I decided to practice in this position. I believe that it can help me have a lot of experience that are very necessary for me in my future career.

PART 1: GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT HOANG ANH GIA LAI PLAZA HOTEL DANANG Name of company: The Branch of Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint-stock Company in Danang Name of transaction: HAGL Plaza Danang

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