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Khmer Rouge Cambodian Genocide

People were to be evaluated by how reliable they were to principles (“Cambodian Genocide Facts and Timeline: A Clear Account”).Khmer Rouge thought all of the Cambodians must be forced to work in one huge federation of collective farm areas. Anyone that was not in the system or in opposition to it must have been eliminated. They were forced to work by their appearances. If they were elderly, handicapped, ill, or children that suffered from enormous causalities for their inability to perform unceasing physical labor (“Cambodian Genocide | World without Genocide”). Organization:

The Khmer Rouge banquet fought against the USA playing a controversial role, they still had success in taking control over Phnom Penh. Over the next few years Cambodians started to behold the elimination of any form of western technological presence; the coercion of a communal life; mass execution (“Cambodian Genocide Facts and Timeline: A Clear Account”). The goal was to get Cambodia back to “Year Zero”, so everyone was participating in rural work (“Cambodian Genocide | World without Genocide”). Extermination:

Khmer Rouge didn’t agree with many of the religions. Cambodian Muslims, Christians, Buddhists were indicted for their beliefs. Permanence was an important alibi for torture, imprisonment, and killings. (“Cambodian Genocide Facts and Timeline: A Clear Account”). The Khmer Rouge party made the attempt to “Pol Pot” just to nationalize and centralize the “peasant farming society” in Cambodia overnight: this action ending up in gradual devastation of over twenty-five percent of the population in just a few short years. Well over 750,000 civilians lost their lives because of their culture, appearance, or an action they did; during the years of 1970-1974. If you were completely unable to work you were killed on the spot(“Cambodian Genocide | World without Genocide”) Polarization:

While be threaten for their death,...
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