Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 13 (4750 words) Published: May 1, 2013
This research paper identifies how past racism in America is connected to the current racism that people of color face and experience through oppression and disparities. Racism is manifested through all of the social, economic, educational, and political institutions in America. Traditional racism has been transformed, hidden, and replaced under symbolic, colorblind, and liberal racisms that benefit white America. Different scholarly authors' studies on racism in America have been analyzed to show that minority racial groups are suffering through the hands of white America’s racism. The results proved that racism in America is a current epidemic that is disguised through new practices, and is controlled by white people with power. It is Caucasians’ responsibility to eradicate racism in America.

Racism in America: Modern Day Slavery
Concealed Under Social and Economic Disparities
Racism in America is still an epidemic people of color continue to experience through social, economic, and political institutions in America. America has a new face for racism and it is exposed through the concept of privilege, and then concealed under discrimination, oppression, prejudices, and disparities, which intentionally tries to keep a race in repression based on the color of their skin. Wallis (2007) in his article America’s Original Sin: The Legacy of White Racism explains the history of America and white society on how it received its power through the enslavement and “genocide” of African and Native Americans (pg. 197). Wallis (2007) timelines the historical events of how racism and enslavement started in America, how it still exists in America, and explains the root of racism is based on economic dominance (pg. 198). Historical racism legacy effects all people of color; it has had a penetrating effect on African and Native Americans in the past and the present. Belcourt-Dittloff and Stewart (2000) article Historical Racism: Implications for Native Americans, argues that they agree with Clark, Anderson, and William’s (October 1999) article on how racism against African Americans caused a persistence role of stress in their lives. Furthermore, Belcourt-Dittloff and Stewart (2000) points out the similarities between African Americans and Native Americans historical triumphs in America Institutions (pg. 1166). In the “pre-Civil Rights era” Zamudio and Rios (2007) explains in their article From Traditional To Liberal Racism: Living Racism In The Everyday, that racism was not hidden, it was publicly displayed in America and was legal through Jim Crow laws, segregation, denial of education, and the physical brutality and fatality that African Americans faced (pg. 483-485). Also, the author’s connects how racism from the past effects people of color in the “post-Civil Rights era,” but under the new term “colorblind racism” (Zamudio & Rios, 2007). Stapleford (2008) in his article, A Tortuous Journey: The Condition of Black America explains the stock slave trade and slavery were prohibited in 1808, but the slaves that were already slaves, the master could do breeding and have the black males mate with multiple black women to continue to have more slaves (pg. 236). Many social scientists believe in Glenn Loury cultural hypothesis, that black males gained skills because of slave labor and was able to find work once slavery ended around 1928 (Stapleford, 2008). Furthermore, when slavery ended, many White conservatives disputed that liberalism made Blacks lazy and cause them to change their work ethic. In addition, aid for the poor was increased by social services to combat poverty, which profoundly produce the mishap of African Americans becoming hard-workers (Stapleford, 2008).On the contrary, Stapleford (2008) states that Jim Crow slavery replaced slavery, and this “legacy” of segregation, inequality, discrimination, and prejudice against blacks are why the “historical human capital deficit and wealth...
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