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1. Describe business analysis and identify its objectives.

Business analysis is the evaluation of a company’s prospects and risks for the purpose of making business decisions or  the process of understanding business change needs, assessing the impact of those changes, capturing, analysing and documenting requirements and then supporting the communication and delivery of those requirements with relevant parties. These business decisions extend to equity and debt valuation, credit risk assessment, earnings predictions, audit testing, compensation negotiations, countless other decisions, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development. Business analysis aids in making informed decisions by helping structure the decision task through an evaluation of a company’s business environment, its strategies and its financial position and performance.

Objectives of doing business analysis is to improve business decisions by evaluating available information about a company’s financial solution, it’s management, it’s plan and strategies, and it’s business environment. Work with business stakeholders to gather and document different types and levels of requirement and to define scope and initiate a project, understand how project approaches such as break-down complex business scenarios or problems into process and data models. Other than that, validate requirements by producing use cases and assess requirements against defined quality criteria, apply end-to-end thinking to complex business and system problems to ensure 'right first time' documentation and solutions. Besides, work with stakeholders can develop optimum solutions to defined requirements and confidently present findings to business users and their project team.

2. Explain how financial statements reflect the business activities of a company.

3. Identify and discuss the four primary financial...
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