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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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1. What common elements or principles can you identify among Deming, Juran, and Crosby?

2. How to implement a quality management initiative?

3. Chose an industry and a product or service within that industry and show how quality may differ for different segment or customer groups within that industry.

4. Compare the principles promoted by Deming and Crosby. What are the similarities and / or differences?

5. Describe how setting targets for quality improvement helps to establish a culture and climate.

6. How does market segmentations influence information needs?

7. Compare the Baldrige Award criteria to the principle promoted by Deming and Crosby, what are the similarities and differences?

8. Define importance of communication in TQM system and describe component of TQM system which used as a vehicle for communicating about quality?

9. How do traditional accounting systems provide inadequate information for control of processes in an industry with low labor content?

10. What is strategy and what is the strategic planning process?

11. Describe how training in problem solving would improve process control and employee motivation?

12. What are the steps in moving from a system of final inspection to process control?

13. Describe how measure customer satisfaction?

14. What are the pros and cons of benchmarking based on financial performance?

15. What is the concept of the value chain? How can it be useful in building an organizational structure?

16. Why measuring productivity is important state basic measure of productivity?

17. What are the benefits of cost of quality measuring system?

18. What are the benefits of ISO 9000 certification?
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