Topics: Wedding, Indian cuisine, Management Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Business plan for restaurant in India

We Indians take a lot of pride in showing off our weddings. The lights, the flowers, the clothes, the jewelry and the FOOD! We have seen a lot of new changes taking place in the Indian Weddings in a past few years. 'Once upon a time' the same food was served in all the weddings (like puri, sabji, chicken, dal, rice, jalebi, gulab jamun and so on), now, people go for verity. Everybody wants something new. Indian wedding caterers have to give something unique to each of their clients. Now times are changing and the Indian caterers have to go the extra mile to satisfy the ever-changing demands. There is a new breed of caterers competing against each other to be the best in the market and to earn respect as well as admiration from their customers. Indian catering business has annual growth rate up to 20%, as it is a must for any event may it be wedding, get together parties, business meetings and so on. This Rs.15,000 crore industry has never shown any sign of weakness in the market and it doesn't seem that it ever will. Indian carters have different levels of operation which are:- 1) Primary level: this is the lowest level of catering, which means they handle low profile events like small weddings, small parties, etc. the net profit in this level is high since there is low requirement of assets and less monitoring is required. 2) Secondary level: in this level the business is mostly done by getting big weddings, college fests, concerts etc. the margin of market this level holds is moderate. 3) Tertiary level:-This is the most exclusive and expensive level of operation. These people dominate the market with their grand weddings, exclusive parties, fashion shows, etc. they hold the market with high profit and the glamour associated with them. This industry is all about food and beverages which range from traditional food like paneer (cottage cheese), dal, rice, roti, sweets, etc to the high-class themed events consisting of...
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