Topics: Ilocos Sur, Philippines, Ilocos Region Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: January 14, 2013
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The exact founding of Tagudin, today still remains a “Gordian Knot”. The theory however, is that during the early days, people established settlements close to the rivers and seas for mobility and food. The Amburayan River that lies on the southern border of this town is one of the biggest rivers in the region and this made Tagudin as one of the largest and earliest settlements in the province. The river, strongly believed to have taken its name from this community during the pre-colonization era is mentioned in the famed Ilocano epic entitled “Biag ni Lam-ang”.Legend has it that the first conquistador who arrived in this place and inquired about the name of this community from an old woman. The said woman who was then busy cleaning her yarn , thought that the Spaniard was asking the name of the mechanical contraption where her yarn was placed. She then replied “tagudan daytoy apo” (this is tagudan, sir) and the conquistador wrote in his diary the word “tagudan”. Later, when he referred to his diary for the name of the place, he figured out the word “tagudan” as “Tagudin”. Since then, the town has always been called Tagudin.Tagudin used to be the capital of Amburayan, declared a sub-province of the Mountain Province during the Spanish era then composed of the towns of Lepanto, Angaki (now Quirino, Ilocos Sur), Suyo Sugpon, Santol, San Gabriel and Tagudin. The Government hill where the reservoir of Tagudin Water District is now located was then to be the site of this capitol of this sub-province. In 1818, Tagudin became a part of Ilocos Sur and thus became a threshold of the province from the south.It would seem axiomatic that Tagudin deserved a niche in Philippine history, a number of historical firsts occurred and established in this town. Father Juan Sorolla in 1841 constructed the first two sundials put up by the Spaniards in the country in this town –one is located inside the Saint...
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