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What is the existing performance management system of KFC?
Performance management – A management process for ensuring employees are focusingtheir work efforts in ways that contribute to achieving the company’s mission. It consistsof three phases:(a) Setting expectations for employee performance(b) Maintaining a dialogue between supervisor and employee to keep performance ontrack,(c) Measuring actual performance relative to performance expectations.The purpose of the performance management system is to ensure •

The work performed by employees accomplishes KFC’s goals

Employees have a clear understanding of the quality and quantity of work expected from them •
Employees receive ongoing information about how effectively they are performing relative to expectations •
Awards and salary increases based on employee performance are distributedaccordingly •
Opportunities for employee development are identified.

Employee performance that does not meet expectations is addressed.KFC started its operations in 1996 and till 4 to 5 years there was no human resourcedepartment in KFC and then in the 5 th
year of its operation in pakistan it developed itshuman resource department. When KFC started its performance management system soat that it used 360 degree feedback to evaluate its employees in which every employeewas evaluated by his supervisor and his peers. The also launched their own ranking scalenamed by “My Growth Body”

and details of their feedback system and
“My GrowthBody”
are given below

1. Communicating employee performance expectations
Since KFC has two main cycles on which it assesses its employees the three monthscycle for operational staff and the twelve month cycle for managerial staff, so at the startof each cycle the supervisors meet with their employees, establish expectations regardingtheir employees’ performance, specify how employees’ actual performance will bemeasured and their success determined, and impart to them an understanding of howmeeting these expectations will contribute to the achievement of the KFC’s mission. b.Performance expectations shall be written at the “meets expectations” level and shall be documented on a form defined by the KFC – the “work planc.Work plans are signed and dated by both the supervisor and the employee.

4. Rewarding good Performance
Most employees love recognition for a job well done. Consistently good performance anda willingness to take on more responsibility might make you consider an employee for  promotion. Employees are motivated by both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. To beeffective, the reward system must recognize both sources of motivation. So rewardsystem of KFC is based on the assumptions of attracting, retaining and motivating its people. HR manager told us that they know the the fact that financial rewards are animportant component of the reward system, but there are other factors that motivateemployees and influence the level of performance so they keep on identifying those other factors that can motivate their employees.

6. Transitions
When employees move into or out of their positions, relevant performance informationshall be communicated in a timely way.1. Probationary employees have work plans within a certain number of days of their dateof employment. To remove an employee from probationary status, the supervisor  provides performance documentation.2. Employees in training progressions also have work plans, or an equivalent documentthat describes performance expectations, within a certain number of days of the date of employment. The supervisor provide performance documentation before each salaryincrease is granted within the progression.3. Employees whose responsibilities are changed substantially, either...
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