Topics: Water, Ocean, Future Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Christian S. Villena

Title: Oras Na
The world has been experiencing a lot of calamities and havocs these days. The sea level and the temperature is continually rising while the number of forests and ice caps decrease. More and more animals migrate to warmer places in order to survive but the problem is, those places are no longer available because of industrialization. Is everyone prepared for the future that lies ahead? Who are to blame for the things that are happening today?

The documentary portraits the current situation of the planet, it also showed some predictions in the near future. Predictions like the increase in temperature, the dwindling number of fishes in the sea, and the diminishing source of fresh water. The documentary is very significant today since we are currently experiencing global warming where the temperature of the world increases rapidly. The first topic that was discussed in the documentary was about the declining number of fish in the sea. It is found out that most of the coasts in the Philippines are already over-fished where the fishes aren’t given ample time to breed and procreate. It is also said that there are more fishermen than the number of fishes. The next topic was about the falling amount of fresh and potable water. Since we all know that fresh water is only three percent of the whole body water in the world. Fresh water is very limited thus it needs to be conserved. The whole documentary aims to contribute awareness in what is happening in the world today. It gave simple instructions on how to save water, energy, and the world. A documentary like this is very powerful, creating a documentary similar to this one would be fulfilling. If given a chance, I will create comparable documentary because through this, we are one step closer in saving the world. Source:

Title: Eco Bunnies
This short film depicts the carbon emissions that our vehicles leave every day....
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