Topics: African American, University, Life Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 1, 2012
The Effect of Stress and Depression among African American College Students Darlisha J. Smith
Prairie View A&M University


The purpose of this study is to assess the leading reasons to why college students become stressed. There are several reasons behind this, the focus is more so what is the leading factors of stress that are associated with depression. This topic was important to me because for African American college students there are several stress-producing situations that can trigger depression. Situations that can cause stress are, relationships, grades, being away from parents, and living in a new environment. According to recent research “Depression in young adults is a common health problem and growing public health concern (Voelker, 2003; Lewinsohn, Rohde, & Seeley, 1998). Depression impairs psychosocial development and academic success (Birmaher et al., 1996). It is a strong predictor of suicide, which is the third leading cause of death in 15-24 years old and the second leading cause of death among college students (Hass, Hendin, & Mann, 2003).” This research correlates with my study because being an African American student on campus, I often see young students my age failing in something in their life and this makes them feel incapable to do things. They stress about these things, and when it is not succeeded. Related studies gives evidence of life obstacles that can lead to depression, “Other factors associated specifically with college student depression include stressful life events and daily hassles (O'Neil & Mingiei, 1998; Segrin, 1999; D' Angelo & Wierzbickii, 2003); stress reactivity (Felsten, 2002); conflict between work and family (Zamarripa et al., 2003); relationship problems, financial concerns, and poor grades (Furr, et al., 2001); lack of social support or networks (Beeber, 1999; O'Neil & Mingie, 1988; D'Angelo & Wierzbicki, 2003); a sense of not belonging (Hagerty & Williams, 1999);...
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