Topics: Fur, Fur clothing, Fake fur Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Throughout the world animals are slaughtered, not to feed the hungry but to turn their fur coats into expensive clothing. Eighty to one hundred million animals are killed by the clothing and fur industry every year. There is no denying that furs enhance an outfit to give it a luxurious and couture feel. Nevertheless, these animals are put through an unbelievable amount of suffering and pain to produce one piece of clothing. One may think that fur factories do not kill that many animals because it only takes a couple to make up one coat, cape or other pieces of clothing. In reality it takes eighteen red foxes to make one fur coat, and fifty-five minks to make a mink coat. Each one of these animals are treated inhumanly. Many people also would think that only wild animals are used in these sorts of factories however, domesticated animals such as dogs and cats are used quite commonly as well. 85% of furs come from animals who are kept on fur factory farms. These farms are made to maximize profit so the environment and animals well being are not taken into consideration. There are also many different types of Faux-Fur out there that resemble exactly the real thing. These living creatures should not have to suffer such an immense load of pain. Fur should not be used in clothing because in causes environmental problems, the killing methods are inhumane and heartless and at this day and age, it is very easy to wear fake fur that looks very similar to the real thing.

The production of fur clothing in extremely damaging to the environment. Fur farms produce immense amounts of animal waste that is all confined to a small space. In Finland, there are 65% of the worlds fox farms, “Fur animal wastes have come to equal the uncleaned sewage of a million people1” according to Environmentalist, Mauro Levi. These factories cause an amplitude of water and air pollution. Animal wastes are very high in “phosphorus and nitrogen.” When it rains all the waste can be carried down...
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