Rescue: Team Effort, Coordination, and Planning

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  • Published : June 6, 2012
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Rescue is a team effort that needs coordination and planning amongst the members for an optimum response operation. After the assessment, the rescue team would be in position to adequately plan the rescue operation based on the following specifications: 1.Manpower- The rescuers can use the skilled manpower if available and also take the help of local community if required. 2.Equipment- Ropes, ladders, bamboos or stick, stretchers, boats, etc. are essential to rescue the effected victims. The rescuers use locally available materials when not available like barrels, tinned cans, tubes, etc. 3.Methods- There are various other methods, which would be useful for rescuing victims. The adequate method of rescue is to be determined depending upon the nature of the casualty, the nature of the injuries and the position in which the casualty is found. Do’s:-

Keep calm
Make a thorough assessment prior to rescue
Keep as near to wall on damaged stairs as possible
Take max. safety while removing debris from the vicinity of the casualty •Proper examination of the causality is a must
Provide first aid, check and facilitate proper breathing • Cover the patient with a blanket and protect the casualty from further injury •Use sharpened tools carefully when moving the casualties •Loosen the clothing and keep the patient lying down and warm •Give artificial respiration, if required, and control bleeding Don’ts:-

Don’t panic
Don’t start rescue work until you are equipped with adequate information •Don’t pull the timber out of the wreckage indiscriminately. You may cause further collapse. •Don’t carelessly move and injure casualty unless the person is in immediate danger •Don’t expose to further possible injury or adverse conditions •Unless absolutely necessary don’t crawl over the debris or the damage structure •Don’t violate safety measures

Don’t touch live electric wiring
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