Resarch on Reading Habits of Non Acedamics Books of the Students

Topics: Sampling, Null hypothesis, Sample size Pages: 14 (3075 words) Published: February 20, 2011

Giving someone literacy skills is rather like teaching a person to drive and then giving them only a few drops of petrol to practice with - the machine is perfect and the driving skill has been acquired but it is not yet an automatic skill because there has not been enough practice. Once the fuel runs out the driving skill becomes useless and begins to deteriorate. Giving someone the reading habit, on the other hand, involves providing a continuous supply of easily processed fuel so that the new driver can go places, can get to enjoy driving and can eventually realize the limitless possibilities it opens up.

In other words it is necessary to provide people with enough easily accessible interesting books for them to find reading so enjoyable that they themselves want to do more of it. This has to be achieved somehow or the newly literate will never consolidate their skills by using the libraries, because they will not know what delights lurk within.

It is not only the newly literate, however, who need the reading habit in order to mentally grow and fulfill their potential. Students even after ten or more years of schooling do not often have the reading habit. This is mostly because there have never been enough suitable books around to establish the habit. Reading tends to be associated with course work and difficulty, rarely with pleasure. Whatever their discipline students cannot fulfill their potential if they do not read widely. Their general knowledge remains low and the standard of their written work remains low. To combat this problem and to enable students to achieve better reading as a part of daily life, and to establish books as a habit that would always be needed and enjoyed. Thus, our this Study will be helpful to know the real situation surrounding this issue.


To understand the reading habit of non-academic books of the students.

* To know whether students read extra non-curricular books. * To know how much time they spend on reading on weekly basis. * To know how often they prefer to read books.
* To know the preferred place for reading.
* To know whether students get enough material from the university itself.

Descriptive type of research: Descriptive studies are well structured. They tend to be rigid and its approach cannot be changed every now and then. The objective of such study is to answer the “who, what, when, where, and how” of the subject under investigation. Here research is about student’s habit of reading non-academic books, so it is a descriptive type of research.

For easily analyzing the data we used comparative scaling technique. In that, particularly paired comparison, rank order and likert scale from non-comparative technique.

After the questionnaire was framed and sampling plan was made, a pilot survey was done on 15 samples from the population to check whether any mistakes were there in questionnaire or not.


Non-Probability Sampling: As exact population was not available to do probability sampling so I have chosen non-probability sampling for the survey. Here samples are selected purposively based on convenience sampling which is one of the types of non probability sampling.


Sampling Units: It means targeted population. Here entire Ganpat University is targeted as over here students from different fields can be found out. For this project sampling units are all the students studying in Ganpat University.

Sampling Size: In this research it is very difficult to survey the entire students from the population, so survey of 100 students were made. Units of observation:-Boys and Girls from Ganpat University.


Data Collection: We have collected primary data with the help of questionnaire, which enabled us to analyze the reading habit of the students....
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