Topics: Satire, A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Iurato, Jake
Ms. Farrar
ENC 1101
July 27, 2012
Remediation: A Modest Proposal
This essay’s unique purpose is to explain the specific approach for the remediation I demonstrate on A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift. Published in the eighteen century Ireland, A Modest Proposal was a satirical work designed to influence the wealthy into recognition of the severe poverty that plagued their country. When applying a remediation, the original medium is changed to appeal to a different audience while still maintaining the same message of the original text. This is amplified through the use of rhetorical appeals such as ethos, pathos, and logos. I composed two remediations, a cartoon and a recipe, to show Swift’s message and emphasizing his satirical tone. While analyzing Swift’s use of rhetoric as well as the uses of rhetoric present in my own remediations, a better understanding or clarification of A Modest Proposal can be achieved while also explaining how and why the remediation offers different insights and views on my topic. My first form of remediation is in the form of a recipe to demonstrate a parody of a satire. When creating a satire, three elements must be present. A satire “must be relevant, it must be humorous, and it must poke fun at” some kind of authority (Stark 305). I created a recipe of absurd ingredients for cooking little Irish babies based off the YouTube web show of Epic Mealtime. I combined the usage of ethos and logos to create both credibility and logic. By having the Epic Mealtime logo on my cookbook recipe and Swift’s name on my recipe, I am using two forms of “name dropping”. This gains my recipe credibility (ethos) and legitimizes it in the viewer’s eyes. Logos is applied through “logically” using normal proportions and by creating an almost realistic recipe which creates an allusion of reality to the audience. Most importantly, pathos is achieved through using a recipe to humorously horrify the intended audience into realizing...
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