Res/351 Final Paper

Topics: Sampling, Sample size, Scientific method Pages: 6 (1897 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Diversity in the Workplace

Michele Feltman, Calvina Royster, Jason Jones, Jorge Lopez, Michael Egan


March 18, 2013

Bill Greer

We here at Phoenix Corporation are in the process of coming up with a way to establish diversity within our company. It is important to create a program that will generate information and feedback on how the employees feel will be the best way to cover this topic everyday while at work. Coming up with a survey that will ask our employees the questions that will gather the most important information is what we feel will be the most successful. We looked at face to face interviews and group sessions and after much research we have seen that with those two people are not as honest with their answers because people know who they are when they answer the questions.

Research problem and purpose

Diversity is very common in the workplace and the ability to control and adapt to it is important. This includes race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, education, organizational function, and so much more. Our company has to look at that not only does it include how employees see themselves, but how they see others also. Having employees understand the benefits of diversity in the workplace by training and embracing all the differences in each person that works there. Employees from different backgrounds can bring many different talents and experiences in coming up with ideas that will be acceptable for any customer they help. This also helps bring different languages into the corporation so they company can expand to different nationalities. By bringing variety into the company an employee can come up with a better way to do things or how we conduct business. This also brings in different types of customers because they feel comfortable with someone like them working here. There are challenges but by getting input from the employees on how to handle diversity will give us ideas of what will work with our company.

Significance, scope, magnitude, and feasibility of finding a solution to the issue, opportunity, or problem
The significance of keeping a company diverse is for everyone to have a fair chance and also for the reputation of the Company. Most companies that have a good reputation receive positive feedback with customers and new recruits. With the high demand on the significance comes the grand scope of the success. The company’s structure gives a scope to what future they want to possess, and when reached must maintain. The magnitude of diversity is that it brings a lot more perspective into a company, with a diverse group of people you also get a the viewpoint form a lot more places and will learn what types of people would like to get out of your product or service. The most feasible way of solving this problem is to give everyone an equal chance and not hire people based on your own background or the stereotypes that may be considered in the background of a persons, gender, race or sexual orientation. Research question, hypothesis, and variables

Developing the appropriate research question, and hypothesis are important steps in bringing diversity into the Phoenix Corporation. The first step in this process is developing the appropriate research question. This step is fundamental in creating a successful research plan. Earlene E. Lipowski states “the three steps for developing a good research question are: ask interesting questions, select the best question for research, and turn the selected question into a testable hypothesis” (Research Fundamentals p. 2). The research question should also be clear, focused, and arguable. These factors will eliminate the possibility of failure when developing the research question. Because Phoenix Corporation wants to cultivate diversity in the workplace, the research is focused around how to incorporate the diversity into a working plan for the firm.

There are some...
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